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What is the material of your jewelry?

Our jewelry designs are made of 925 Sterling Silver (Gold plated for gold/rose gold pieces) unless stated otherwise. Our earring post are all 925 Silver and/or better. If you have very sensitive skin, we would not recommend our products for you as we cannot guarantee 100% no reaction.

Will your jewelries rust?

No 925 Sterling Silver will not rust.

Will your jewelries tarnish?

Tarnishing (or blackening) is common with fashion jewelry due to chemical reactions with water, sweat, makeup and perfume. To slow down tarnishing, keep the jewelry away from harsh elements and store it in an airtight bag when not in use. We recommend our PVC bag for storage (comes free with every accessories purchase).

When there's blackening of jewelry, use our Polishing Cloth to gently remove the tarnish to recover its shine.

Can we wear the accessories to shower?

All of our accessories are 925 Sterling Silver, and for Gold/Rose Gold, they are plated. When you shower with sterling silver on, it exposes moisture to the jewelry and hence it will tarnish over time. Tarnishing doesn’t harm the metal, but it will affect the look of it later on. So we would highly encourage you to regularly clean the accessories with our Polishing Cloth to make it last long!

What is the packaging for your accessories?

Our packaging is kept minimal to stay environmentally friendly. All accessories are packed individually into a high quality transparent PVC bag which has a sealable opening that keeps your accessories airtight within. This prevents oxidation and keeps it dust-free so that they can last longer. We do sell our PVC bags here if you want to use it for your other accessories. P.S they are GREAT jewelry organiser!

Understanding that some of you might be buying it as gifts, we will be introducing gift packaging in the near future so do look out for it!


How to put on Nail Strips?

Check out our full guide here.

What are your Nail Strips made of?

Ficklr Nail Strips are made of real UV gel polish to give off a vibrant colour and glossy look. It's safe for kids and pregnant ladies.

Should I use a topcoat on the nail strips?

Using a topcoat will help the nail strips to last longer and look shinier. We recommend Out The Door Top Coat for normal topcoats or Light Lacquer Peel-off Gel Top Coat.

There's a smell when I open the packaging... Is it safe?

That's a normal smell of the vacuum plastic and the nail strips. It will go away after a while. It's safe for kids and pregnant ladies.



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