Brand Story

Ficklr is a stylized version of fickle, which means to change frequently.
Founded in Singapore, Ficklr is conceptualised to complement the image of every woman in every occasion in just under 10 mins. Maybe subtle nude nails for work, then switch to colorful paddle pop nails for Saturday brunch with girlfriends. It gives a little glimpse of who are you through your nails in an easy fashion. 
Ficklr Nail Strips
We thoughtfully went through different types of nail strips, testing out different quality - is it easy to stick on? is it durable? does it comes off easily? And finally, we have something we ourselves would want to use and wear.
  • 20 tips to fit every nail size and experiment with different combinations of designs
  • High glossy finish to maintain the shine for longer periods
  • Skinfit thin material to ensure comfort and doesn't roll off easily
  • Exclusive in-house designs
We hope you will like Ficklr as much as we do. Free shipping worldwide on all orders. Tag us at @ficklr_ or #ficklrnotd to show us your wonderful creations!